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3D Game Development iPhone Komentarze (4)
10. sierpnia 2013 08:09:00

In recent years the development of the game has witnessed an evolution. Initially there were games 2D vector that has conquered the market for years, then it was changed and games 2d raster enters the market. Meanwhile 3D games have penetrated its tentacles into the market and people become crazy for animation and 3D games. Time has changed and the use of desktop and mobile phones is set back come forward.


3D Mobile Game Development


Mobile has great advantage and it was his mobility, if you have free time and want to use it the game is the best option. Game development iPhone as 3D games are attracted people's attention and becoming popular among the younger generation. With the advent of technology tools for developing 3D games come on the market and in this post I will discuss some of the most important tools.



This is the modeling, animation and rendering package. Combination of integrated features like Character Studio, Scene Explorer and Key Framing 3ds Max offer the best solution for game developers around the world. It comes with flexible plugin architecture and can be used on the Microsoft Windows platform.


It is an integrated authoring tool, which is used to develop 3D designs mainly for the mobile platform like game development iPhone and has some of the best iPhone and Android games to his credit. It can produce games for both the Windows and Mac platform recently support for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 added to this platform. It 'also used to develop games for your browser.


Mostly used for the development of mobile games, Blender game engine is a comprehensive suite of open-source 3D production.

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